It’s time to plan the school prom and that means hiring an expert party DJ!

We only hire the best DJs in Worcestershire through our rigorous screening process to ensure that you won’t be let down.

All of our expert party DJs are friendly, energetic, enthusiastic, passionate and experts in their fields.  They know what music is popular with a variety of age groups and can ensure your students have a night to remember.

Planning and organising a prom can be hard work, something that takes a team of people to coordinate and work together.  All of our acts are expert party planners and capable to adopt an all-hands-on-deck approach to ensure your event is perfect.

You will get the opportunity to discuss your ideas with your QUE DJ before the event and this a perfect opportunity to discuss any ideas you may have.  In order for your party DJ to have a good idea about how the event will be scheduled, it’s important to show them the venue.  This will enable them to plan and coordinate themselves and be able to help with other areas of set up on the day.

The equipment that our party DJs use is state of the art and fully customisable. It can be matched to the theme or decorative colour of your prom venue in order to create a seamless experience.  Not only is it regularly tested for quality, the equipment will be set up in advance of the event and tested on site to ensure that the sound quality is pristine.

When pricing your party DJ package, we will always aim to competitively price against any quote you have already received.  All of our packages are also fully customisable and can be tailored specifically to your needs. If you’re working within a budget then contact us directly and we can create a specific package that not only fits within your restrictions but also aims to accomplish everything that you want from your QUE prom DJ.

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