Looking for a party DJ to make that birthday extra special?  Then you’re in the right place.  Our DJs are professional, friendly and fun.  They are always enthusiastic and energetic and capable of keeping the atmosphere alive.

Pre-teen birthdays

When looking for the perfect party DJ for children in their pre-teens it’s important to have someone who is not only down-to-earth but capable of connecting with the children on a basic level. 

That’s why all of our specialist children’s DJs have great experience when working with children and know what is and isn’t popular at the moment.  They can play games, have fun with the children and encourage everyone to be joining in. 


Teen birthdays

Planning a teenager’s birthday can be a tricky affair.  It’s always vital to have a party DJ that can connect with the youngsters without coming across as patronising

We’ve scouted out the best teen party DJs in Worcestershire.  Individuals who are young, vibrant and fun.  They’re capable of connecting with teens and knowing what’s popular at the moment.  They will have access to all of the latest music and be able to cater to the birthday teen’s particular tastes.

18th& 21st parties

Turning 18 is a special event, one that many individuals have high expectations for.

When hiring one of the best party DJs, you will be reassured that the party is in capable hands.  With experience in some of the area’s top nightclubs, our DJs know how to party.  They have an updated music collection with all of the latest hits and can keep the atmosphere energetic.

Our handpicked party DJs are the best in Worcestershire and will be able to host a lively event including crowd engagement to give it that authenticate nightclub feel.

30th, 40th, 50th& 60th birthdays

You’re never too old to party, and that’s why we have suitable mobile discos for all ages. This includes customisable equipment and songs from all eras, dating as far back as the 1920s.  But if there’s a particular genre of music you would like to hear, then speak with your party DJ and they will be able to acquire it for the event.

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